Electric longboards give you the ability to just stand and move at 25 mph. Some use a remote, some use foot pressure, and some actually combine pushing and technology to give a seamless and real longboard feel with less effort and more speed.

This list is made to point you in the direction of the best electirc longboard not just for affordability but also for reliability. There are many out there but many prove to not be reliable. And when you are going 25 mph up a street the last thing you want is to have the board shut down as you fly through the air wishing you got a better more reliable one.

These have been tested and heavily researched to give you only the well known and safe electric longboards out there. Enjoy :).

There is only ONE. There is one electric longboard that is reliable and super fun.

It is Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

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[clink id=”22″ target=”_blank”]81f8hUveSqL._SL1500_[1][/clink]The Boosted Electric Skateboard is absolutely awesome and it will be your best buying decision of 2016. It is fast reliable and the only one that scored highly across the board. There are faster ones sure. But they shut mid ride or the remote disconnects after no time. If you are looking for A good electric longboard Boosted is for you.

It is very fast and very versatile. It weighs only 13.5 pounds which makes it one of the lightest in the market right now. On one charge it can take you seven miles which is more than enough for any average trip you take. For your safety the board starts at 10 mph and moves up to 22 once you get a hang of it.

And man, once you do…you will be off.  You are now free to explore everything the boosted has to offer.

If you are looking for the perfect amazingly fun electric longboard look no further because you found. Get Boosted Dual+ 2000W here at the lowest price.




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By JoHo on August 12, 2015

I’ve had the Boosted for 20 months now, and thought I’d offer my thoughts for anyone on the fence.91Fy+QBFoLL._SL1500_[1]

This thing is INCREDIBLE. The benefits resemble being a minor celebrity. People look at you like you’re exceptionally well dressed. You turn heads riding on the street. Total strangers ask you “what’s on the bottom of your board” and exclaim in delight. You have a lot of fun showing people how to ride it. It has totally changed my relationship with New York City. I ride on the streets. It can’t ride on anything overly gravelly, but anything reasonably paved works.

The downside is that rain does not agree with the board– over a period of time, if you ride on wet pavement, you will do some damage to your motors and need to get them replaced. I will happily throw down the same money (or more) if there is ever a board that is somehow rust-proof and water-proof.

Nothing compares. If you get this, get some headphones and play your favorite upbeat music while riding it. Few things consistently fill me with that kind of passion for being alive.

I have fallen a couple of times, but I find that since I stand on my side, I fall on my side. I have never fallen at full speed, because I’m sensible enough to not max out unless I feel like the conditions are super safe to do so.

10/10 recommend.

[clink id=”22″ target=”_blank”]Totally worth it! Never have any product that makes me that happy and it’s also useful![/clink]

By [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank”]Lionel Li[/clink] on December 18, 2014

71JwiTvYfjL._SL1500_[1]I write this after having the board for 7 months. And not like other toys that i lost interest in after awhile, my love for boosted just grows everyday. I can’t live without it now. I often volunteer to do my household members’ bidding just to have excuse to get out with the board. On weekdays, it allows me to take public transit without worrying not getting a bike rack on the train and having to wait for the next one. And I arrive at work in style and with a big smile.

Three things that set the boosted dual+ apart (there are millions of things that sets it apart but these three are most important).

One is the reversible drive. This one is a must have! Because in order to come to a complete stop going downhill and to have very fine control of braking, you need a symmetrical motor that you could drive reverse as powerful as you drive forward. Motorized skateboard is not like a car where you have disc brake, so you have to drive backwards to compensate for the forward momentum. Having reverse drive also enable you to do advance trick like the 180 turn or slide out.

Second is the remote! It is spring loaded and it requires gradually more force to turn it further and further. And this makes perfect sense, because you will want it to feel more resistive as you go faster and faster. This gives you an extra dimension of mental feedback, so by feeling the force your thumb apply on the turn wheel, you kinda feel the speed in your hand too. This is a very overlooked important aspect that you should consider. I don’t care if it’s a Lamborghini but if they give you crappy control the whole experience will suck. And the boosted is the Lamborghini with the perfect control!91503EiD23L._SL1500_[1]

Third is the tremendous torque and power it offers so you could climb the steepest hill in SF, and safely go down the same steep hill. Having a top speed is one thing, but having the power to reach it quickly and smoothly is also important. If you were to do a 0-20 type of test on all the e-boards, I will bet money on boosted to win with wide margin. This is the thrill that justify its premium over other brands for me.

Other things to consider:

Range, alright,only 6 miles. If you have to complain about boosted, this is probably the only aspect you could complain. However, if you are a light weight guy like me (135 lb) you will get 8 miles on flat terrain going at moderate speed (12 miles per hr). You may experience shorter range if you go on group ride, and that’s because you will go faster and on longer stretch of uninterrupted route than your normal daily commute. However, after having the boosted for 7 months, I’ve never run out of juice. And if they come up with a more efficient battery I will rather they reduce the weight and keep the current range.

Weight, 15 lbs. nothing too much to complain. I wish it was 5, but that’s not possible. 15 doesn’t bothers me that much. Plus there is various way to carry the board including rolling it like a luggage.

The ride experience is superb! You will be blown away (literally, so be careful) by its unreal acceleration. Yet this awesome power is very contained that in turns it empowers you, to hold so much power in your hand and yet be able to control it smoothly. The flex is perfect for me. Soft enough to feel like snowboarding while making big turns at high speed or carving.

Finally, the price is a bit hefty, but I think this is the best I could find. And if I amortize it over two years. It’s only a few bucks a day. Totally worth every penny of it.

I posted my pictures but note that the under glow LED lights don’t come with it 🙂


Here is a great video by Boosted.


And a straight forward video review


If you are looking for the perfect amazingly fun electric longboard look no further because you found. Get Boosted Dual+ 2000W here at the lowest price.