The brand does not play a large part but there still are good longboard brands and bad ones. The brands and companies below are very diverse. Some are cheaper than the others and some are much more expensive. What they all have in common is that they are THE BEST. They are all super high quality and they all fit in the spectrum from beginner to expert. So let’s start and take a look at some of the best longboard brands out there.

Remember that is it always good to try out everything you can possibly can.

Also if you want the full blown guide to longboards please visit the home page to get a plethora of information that will get you on your way to longboarding. Otherwise let’s get started and look at the best longboard brands in the industry.

Sector 9

Sector 9 is one of the most popular longboard brands. They make very beautiful and high quality boards. They are more geared toward the beginner and getting into a longboard style at a healthy price. For a first board Sector 9 is a great choice. According to a 2015 survey they are ranked number in every aspect of business and build of a longboard. Their technical support is top notch and the parts used are just excellent.

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[clink id=”12″ target=”_blank”]Sector 9 Sprocket[/clink]

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[clink id=”11″ target=”_blank”]Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout[/clink]

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[clink id=”14″ target=”_blank”]Sector 9 Bamboo Colorado Aperture[/clink]


Landyachtz is a great company. They make amazing custom boards that might get you hooked. When it comes to comfort and variety they’re you guy. Their boards are not expensive but I wouldn’t call them super affordable either. They are right in the center and make a great intermediate board if you are on a budget. Getting a Landyachtz is also great if you want a high-end board at a good price. If you are beginner and are willing to invest an extra hundred bucks then a Landyachtz should definitely be on your radar.

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[clink id=”13″ target=”_blank”]Landyachtz Switch 40-inch[/clink]

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[clink id=”15″ target=”_blank”]Landyachtz Fiberglass Drop Carve[/clink]


Atom is what some may call the budget board company. They make really great beginner boards at great prices like the board over to the left. Their boards are great for newbies and nothing to even think about when buying. They have had the bestselling beginner longboards for the past 5+ years. They are good quality and will deliver you the very basics of what you need in your first longboard.

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[clink id=”10″ target=”_blank”]Atom Drop Deck 41-inch[/clink]
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[clink id=”9″ target=”_blank”]Atom Drop Through V2 40-inch[/clink]

Atom Drop Through 41-inch


Loaded makes some beautiful, high-end boards for experienced riders. They are expensive though but it is worth to get the very best in the industry. They make great boards for freestyle, downhill, and freeride. Of course you can use their boards for cruising but you also have for any of those styles.

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[clink id=”17″ target=”_blank”]Loaded Bhangra Flex 2[/clink]

[clink id=”16″ target=”_blank”]loaded-dervish-sama-complete[1][/clink]

[clink id=”16″ target=”_blank”]Loaded Dervish Sama[/clink]

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[clink id=”18″ target=”_blank”]Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2[/clink]


Arbor is very much like Loaded. While Loaded is a bit more popular Arbor still makes some amazing high-end, high quality boards for the experienced. They make great boards for ALL styles and should be considered by a beginner who has some extra money to spend on a first board.

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Arbor Axis Longboard 


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Arbor Sizzler Shark


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Arbor Fish Premium



Quest is unique in the fact that they are original. There is something about their boards that bring that feel of surfing. It takes you right back the reason why longboards were made in the first place. Quest makes the perfect cruiser board full of comfort, beauty, and quality.

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo is on of their best boards for cruising. Regardless of your experience you will enjoy this extremely affordable board. Check it out [clink id=”8″ target=”_blank”]here[/clink].

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