Brief History

Longboarding was actually invented by a surfer. Surfing is an experience that was irreplaceable 50 years ago. So when the big waves moved out, a replacement needed to be made.

During the 60s, sidewalking was invented. Longboards still weren’t named yet though and skateboards were still just a kid’s toy.

Sidewalking was the closest thing to gliding on the water. Unfortunately the metal and clay wheels did not provide that feel, so the sport was abandoned for nearly a decade.

But then, in the 70s, a company called Cadillac Wheels invented urethane wheels that gave an amazing smooth ride that was so close to surfing. The urethane provided grip and a smooth, fast roll. Even with the new wheels, people lost interest in the sport and it died again only to arise a second time in the 80s.

Thanks to the hype brought on by pro skaters like Tony Alva and Jay Adams,  longboarding and skateboarding made an amazing comeback. It was not only a way have fun but it was a way to work on technical skills and even enter some competitions. It was a way of life.

Life Longboard

Over the years longboarding has developed into a crazy sport thanks to the brave, creative individuals that were willing to try out the cool stuff like sliding and dancing and bombing hills. Longboarders eventually categorized these different types of moves into styles. The main ones are downhill, freeride, freestyle, cruising, carving. There are even more like dancing and slalom.

The longboard lifestyle starts at the beginning. It starts with the waves. It is hopping on your board and gliding on concrete as you cut through the wind. It is experiencing something different. It is connecting with nature while connecting with other people like you.

Longboarding is simply fun. That is why most beginners end up with 3 or more boards within a couple years. Yes, it is a sport, but it is so much more. It is a way of life for some people who simply need that different experience.

Longboarding serves other purposes too. Many people who live in the city need it as a way to commute and get to where they’re going without emptying their wallet on gas.

A longboard is just so versatile too. You don’t need to chain it up and you are allowed to bring it with you everywhere you go.

Longboarding is not stuck on one thing either. You can cruise on it to get to where you need to go, but you can also perform some amazing feats on it. You can impress people with it. You can teach it to other people. You can meet like minds through it.

Longboarding can open up your whole world or open you up to the world. It is absolutely something everyone should try.

Technology and Longboards

We are living in the time of technology. In the future this time will be noted as the most important in human histroy. We are making amazing technoligical and scientific discoveries. Everyone is trying to make a penny and are doing so by using amazing technology, creativity, and desire to provide something new to something old.

One example is the electric longboard. They have been around for a few years now and might be the future. Entrepreneurs took advantage of us. Longboarding is so fun but it can be tiring. Sometimes the commuter might not want to come into work sweaty and maybe the avid rider might want to just ride with no physical effort.

Electric longboards give you the ability to just stand and move at 25 mph. Some use a remote, some use foot pressure, and some actually combine pushing and technology to give a seamless and real longboard feel with less effort and more speed. Check out the best electric longboards here.

Check out all the information here on the Life Longboard homepage.

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