Longboard logo 2Life Longboard was created to help beginners and experienced riders alike find the perfect. Sometimes getting a longboard can be overwhelming and building one can be flat out exhausting. Longboarding is an amazing sport and I know how hard and complex it is to find that first board.

My name is Hannah and I have experienced all the woes and all the highs of longboarding. I have tested so many different boards and have changed out different parts to see the differences. I have built my own boards. I have bought completes. I have gone crazy over choosing the perfect wheel. I have done it all. The information provided on this website is a reflection of my thoughts and insight based on my own experience but also the experience of many others.

So find everything you could ever need here at Life Longboard.

For the biggest guide to longboards visit the homepage.

For a list of the best longboard brands go here.

If you want a brief history of longboards and an overview of the history visit this page.

To check out he sickest electric board on the market go here.

If you are a beginner please read the giant guide then head over to the Beginners Start Here page.

If you have any questions that were not answered anywhere on the site please fill out the form below. If you have recommendations you can use the form below too. It is greatly appreciated.

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